How to Shop for Designer Inspired Clutch Handbags Online

Published: 14th February 2012
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According to the Reuters, the US womenís handbag and purse manufacturing industry was valued at $35 million in 2011. While celebrities have the privilege of buying latest designer purses, fashionistas that are restricted with a budget often resort to counterfeits and knockoffs. This however sometimes results in embarrassment for the owner due to the low quality. Therefore, many retailers have now taken up the job of providing designer inspired bags to fashionable women at affordable prices. Most sought after clutch handbags that are prized exclusively can now be owned by fashionable women of any class and age. But in order make the purchase worthwhile, there are a few things that an online shopper should keep in mind.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Clutch Handbags

Here is a brief guide that will help online shoppers make purchases for best suited clutch handbags for them:

  • Determine the budget
    Designer inspired handbags may cost $20 to $70 depending upon the craftsmanship, exclusivity, quality and demand. Classic purses inspired from the Chanel 2.55 quilted bags are mostly valued around $30 to $70. However if you follow the rebel fashion, purses with extensive detailing can be owned for $30 to $40. Browse through the entire catalogue on a website in order to find bring home the best buy.

  • Celebrity influence
    Often the purpose of carrying clutch handbags is to match up with the celebrity world. Therefore, while shopping from a retailerís website look out for the bags that you spotted your favorite celebrity carrying. Unless a number of items are not influenced by the trend setting celebrities, mot much value is added to the online catalogue.

  • Determine your needs
    In case your budget allows you to shop for a variety of designer inspired purses, online shopping is an easier task for you. However, when you can afford one or two purchases, it is important that you priorities among formal and casual needs. If you are fashionably creative, you can look for versatile clutch handbags that can be carried to several events of different nature. For example, small to medium purses inspired from quilted Chanel 2.55 bag in solid colors like black, white and red are ideal for multi-purposes. Team the purse up with knee length dresses, skirts or trousers to go to work whereas carry them on one shoulder or hold them against striking dresses to add sophistication.

  • Color factor
    Going for the neutral shades that complement both solid and flashy colors is certainly wise thing to do when you are buying your first few designer inspired bags. However, if you own bags in certain neutral colors, you may add up a little spice to the wardrobe by experimenting with vibrant shades.

  • Browse retailerís website
    Firstly, look for a user-friendly website that allows you to browse through the different catalogues and lets you know the prices for bags also. Additionally look for quality assurances such as money back guarantee or exchange policies. Established retailers that sell designer inspired bags also introduce attractive offers for handbag lovers time and again in order to keep their customer base satisfied and happy.

    While a combination of the aforementioned tips will help you a great deal in making the right purchase, shoppers can seek recommendations for a good retail website from reliable sources.

If you would like to place orders from a range of world class designer inspired clutch handbags, visit They have a good reputation for offering inspired versions of latest bags spotted with the top celebrities. The collection is priced economically while free gifts and offers are introduced for online shoppers every now and then.

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